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2016 into 2017

2016 into 2017

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A year is just one thing – one revolution of the Earth around the Sun. Here are a few things I did.

I wrote 14 articles.

That’s a little over one article per month. I did my best to always focus on quality over quantity, and I only wrote long guides and instructive tutorials. I didn’t write about opinions, or make small posts for snippets.

This blog has been my greatest accomplishment and favorite hobby, thank you all for reading, sharing, and commenting!

I designed and developed 10 websites.

And I won’t mention how many email templates I made. A few of these sites were done in collaboration with a designer, but most of them were my product, from conception to launch. This involves setting up a meeting, sending out a quote and proposal, creating a design in Illustrator, developing an HTML site, integrating a CMS, and migrating to a live server. 2016 was the first full year I spent as a professional web developer.

I made 883 commits.

This means absolutely nothing. It’s like keeping track of how many lines of code are in your project. Still, it’s fun to look at. I was relatively consistent with how often I worked on projects, with the exception of one vacation in September. I rarely ever commit on weekends, and I like it that way. Some of my commits for personal projects have titles like “did stuff”, “hmm”, “here goes nothing!”, and “EIGHTIES MODE”, but I’m working on getting better.


I lost 11 pounds.

I started 2016 at 146 pounds, and today I weigh 135. I did this through a lot of running, biking, and lifting, as well as eating healthy. I’d also like to write about how I stay in shape.

I recorded 8 songs.

Occasionally, I like warbling into my phone, playing the accordion, and making really bad Photoshops, and I consider this a great accomplishment. Here’s a peek at my “unique” taste in music.

I drew 4 Pokemon.

I enjoyed drawing as a kid, but I stopped around 2007 when I began working as a chef. I thought drawing all 150 Pokemon would be a nice, tangible goal to get back into a drawing hobby. I made four! That’s almost 3%!


(Only 3 Pokemon pictured because I don’t know where I put the other one…)

I drew 3 portraits.

I also attempted to make a few portraits, which has always been a struggle for me.

Bernie Luke Tyrion

Can you tell who they are!?

I deleted Facebook

I’ve had every method of “staying in touch” via the Internet growing up – Livejournal, MySpace, Facebook. After 10 years, I finally permanently deleted Facebook. Whenever someone asks me why, I just say, because I’m weird!, but Leo Babauta of Zenhabits has a much more eloquent explanation that sums up most of my reasons.

I never had Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest to begin with. I do have Twitter since it’s the cool kid developer thing to do.

I also travelled to some places (Arizona, Sweden, Denmark), and biked and hiked, my favorite outdoor activities. I found a method of organization that worked for me. I made it to the front page of Reddit. I made an online game and got a bunch of my friends to play for a while. I wrote an article for SitePoint. I started a small community of programmers and aspiring developers. I designed a framework that I used for all my professional sites. I learned a lot about life and love.


My only goal is to be the best person I can be.

Here are just a few things I’d like to accomplish or focus on.

  • Improve my JavaScript skills, in both the fundamentals and framework departments, which I’ve been documenting here.
  • Learn to play La Noyee on accordion.
  • Create an outlet for my thoughts outside of web development.
  • Remove any and all material posessions that do not add value to my life.
  • Continue a routine of hiking, riding, and lifting.
  • Be open and flexible no matter what happens in life, and compassionate and empathetic to the people I encounter.

Article ideas

I have a lot of ideas for design and development articles I want to write in 2017. Here are a few of them.

  • Bootstrap 4: how to integrate into the official Grunt and Sass workflow
  • How to make a simple PHP contact form
  • Design for developers: some simple rules to follow for a clean, professional design
  • Basic command line tutorial for Windows and Mac/Linux
  • The fundamentals of CSS animations
  • The reasons my Google search ranking is so high
  • A list of blogs I follow

Some of these I might write, some I might not, and there are infinite new things to learn and document.

Moving Forward

Life is special. You are special. The possibilities within you are endless. Please, let the people who are important to you know you appreciate them. And have a wonderful day.


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  • Chetan Thakur says:

    Its very useful article for me. Thanks Tania.

  • Jimmy Olano says:

    Amazing “El pasadiscos” (here we say “tocadiscos”), you sing in spanish very well (except “cigarrillo” but don’t worry about it), your pronunciation is like an italian person speaking castilian language, congratulations!

    «Pronto verás que lo (malo) que te ha pasado habrás de olvidar…»
    Between parentheses my adding, I think that was not included for cadence and rhythm of the song; well our language has a large, very large amount of tinges -I would say that is very poetic -.

    «quise explicarle a mi modo que aquella cancion
    no la compuse para que llorara una niña
    yo de saberlo no habría cantado jamás»
    This section was hard for you, again, don’t worry about it, sing this is difficult for us too (even though it is our first language!).

    Best regards from Venezuela.

  • LS says:

    You are great!! And full of a good amount of amazing energy. I really love your way of planning stuff and getting them done!! I wish I had half of your accomplishment power!!Well I accomplished to get to see many places so far..but Your way to keep web stuff so clean and “delicious” is admirable.
    Keep it up!!
    Greetings from Thailand!!

  • Hamid says:

    Greeting from Tehran, you are doing great job for yourself and helping others.

  • Christian says:

    I am amazed by this blog. Although I find questionable that in the women-and-everyone-should-do-coding-time an autodidact with kitchen background comes up and writes pitch perfect tutorials about how to start programming that imho just people with a decade of experience could come up with – also adding the required coolness. Saying this without jealousy whatsoever.

    It is the American dream directed to coding. Am I the only one realizing this?

    But it doesn’t matter. I can’t stop reading and trying out.

  • Marcus Matsutani says:

    You lost 11 pounds but I found them. Mail me if you want them back! HAHA!

    Congratulations for your blog and great content! Keep doing it!


  • nice says:

    inspirating! rare person which i can like

  • Sandra says:

    Really wonderful and accessible information – and the topics you are writing about (and thinking about writing ) are spot on!

    It sounds like you’ve had a varied career path! Kudos for paring down “stuff” as well.

    Brava! And I look forward to reading more from you.

  • Dmitry says:

    I will read you. Greetings from Siberia! Cheers 🙂

  • mobi says:

    Reading your blogs inspires me so much, let it be technology related or sometimes your personal experiences. I really do appreciate all your efforts. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Kelvin says:

    You’ve achieved a lot… That’s great!

  • Evan Dempsey says:

    Bernie Sanders, Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill, Tyrion Lannister/Peter Dinklage! Really impressed with this site, best freelance developer’s site I’ve ever seen!

  • Fariz says:

    I am waiting you write these 🙂

    – Design for developers: some simple rules to follow for a clean, professional design
    – The reasons my Google search ranking is so high
    – A list of blogs I follow

  • Paradise says:

    Discovered not a long time ago, but yet my prefered blog on development. Congrats, keep going on!

  • justice says:

    thank you so much like i always say,you dont know how much u changing lives,but we a a bit behind with javascript

  • Marcus says:

    You’re cool. Thanks to you I got started with my own WordPress theme that now might be turning into a company and great ad revenue. It’s a website about savings and investments in Swedish.

    Happy new years and thanks for your blog and inspiration Tania!

  • Tue says:

    You’re so amaaaazingg!

  • Zsofia Boldizsar says:

    If you can, please do write all the listed articles ideas. I would be sooo interested in all of them, actually! 😉 I really like your writing style and appreciate that you are sharing your expertise. It’s great! Thank you!

  • Josué says:

    You’re a cool inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  • Very inspirational! Thanks Tania 🙂

  • Mark Lee says:

    Thank you so much for your deep sincere article. This is very encouraging to me who want to change a career from an e-commerce marketer to a programmer. From my experience, when I worked other programmers, they acted like entitled and didn’t respect people. Besides, they didn’t want to share their programming knowledge. That’s why I decided to become a programmer and started to take programming courses at lynda.com(This is a good site to learn). Thanks for programmers like you on the internet, I can learn programming languages and feel like that I am getting close to my goal becoming a programmer day by day. One day I want to actually meet a programmer like you since I have had bad experiences with programmers that I have encountered at work. Thanks once again for your sharing.

  • You are the best Tania, the absolute best, forever.

  • Love this. Thanks for writing such great articles!