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Tania Rascia

Hi, I'm Tania! I'm a developer, designer, writer, and former chef. I document everything I learn, package it into easy-to-follow tutorials, and provide it on my website for free.

I love creating open-source projects from scratch. Primitive is my Sass/CSS framework, Laconia is my PHP MVC framework, and New Moon is my code syntax theme, available on VSCode, Atom, Sublime, Brackets, and Chrome DevTools. I also occasionally write for DigitalOcean and SitePoint.

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"Tania writes extremely clear, concise tutorials that have the best ratio of learning to bullshit that I've encountered so far. It's no exaggeration to say that I wouldn't currently have a job in development without this site. So thanks for ruining my life, Tania." Craig Lam, Web Developer
"I look forward to anything and everything you put out. You’re like an online programming coach!" Jon Delbrugge, Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

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"Hi Tania, I just wanted to say that your tutorials are by far the best I've seen. Well written and well explained. Thank you for all your effort." João Vilaça, Software Engineer