The Three Types of Can’t

It looks like there’s just one definition for the word can’t. can’t – cannot I’ve found that there’s actually three true meanings behind the word. Don’t want to Don’t know…

2016 into 2017

A review of my year in web development, fitness, art, writing, and life.

JavaScript Day Two: Comparisons, Math, and Logic

In JavaScript, logic is used much like a flow chart to determine the outcome of code, via if statements and switch statements. In this overview, we’ll learn about logic, math, and comparison operators.

Parallax Scroll Effect

Parallax scrolling, an effect that allows sections of a website to scroll at different speeds, is an effect that has gone through various stages of popularity over the last few…

Make a Static Website with Jekyll

A tutorial on how to install Jekyll (the static site generator) and create a simple theme for blog posts and regular pages. Written on a macOS environment.

From Cooking to Coding

It’s difficult to think of two careers more contrasting than chef and web developer. I would venture to put myself into a fairly unique category of people who have done…

Off Canvas Navigation

A walk-through tutorial on how to make a hidden, sliding, responsive off-canvas navigation, as seen on the Lanyon Poole theme for Jekyll.

RSS Feeds

A quick overview on what an RSS feed is, and how to get updates on blogs you follow through Chrome.

Migrating a WordPress Site to a Live Server

If you have WordPress set up locally, you’ll need to know how to transfer the files over to a live web server. This tutorial will guide you through step by step.

Getting Started with Grunt and Sass

A tutorial on how to set up and use Grunt, the JavaScript task runner. We will create a workflow to compile, autoprefix, and minimize Sass.

Setting Up Virtual Hosts

This tutorial will show you how to work on multiple servers locally using virtual hosts.

Setting Up a Local Server Environment

If you want to use PHP, you’ll need to have a server. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to configure MAMP to set up a local server and virtual hosts.

Responsive Dropdown Navigation Bar

A tutorial on how to make a responsive navigation bar using Sass. The navigation will contain a dropdown field, and collapse into a hamburger menu on mobile.

Getting Started with Git

Learn how to use Git to create a local project and upload files to a remote server with the command line.

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