My name is Tania. I’m a developer, designer, writer, and former chef from Chicago. I currently work as a front end software engineer for DAIS. I also write for DigitalOcean, SitePoint, Envato Tuts+, and other publications.

A few highlights:

I started this website as a place to document everything I learned while transitioning from chef to developer. I’ve continued throughout my career and the free resources I create help thousands of people successfully become developers. I turn down every ad, affiliate, and sponsor request I get. Please consider supporting me with a coffee. (I might use it towards beer.)

Some things I like

Making websites, accordions, singing, fantasy and science fiction novels, old technology and video games, the '80s, bike rides, tea with milk, vinyl records, drawing.

A non-exhaustive list.

  • Vanya Sergeev – a brilliant programmer who is very important to me
  • Teodor Nikolaev – a talented designer, developer, artist, photographer, and Bulgarian
  • Craig Lam – one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and the mastermind behind Scripto
  • Ben Schroeder – a dear friend of mine who is knowledgeable, hilarious, and eloquent
  • Dave Bock – an excellent designer and insightful friend
  • Joe Carlyon – Automation expert and an awesome guy


Sometimes I sing and play accordion/piano. I like to record music in my spare time. Here are some.


  • 1989 – Born in Chicago. I’m the youngest of four, and the only girl
  • 1994 – My family buys our first computer, which runs Windows 3.11
  • Also 1994 – My brother deletes Win.exe, so I learn some basic DOS commands in order to keep being able to play Warcraft
  • 1998 – I go to the library and discover the internet. I make my first E–Mail address and learn the meaning of lol. I make my first website on Geocities – a clan website for some Zelda–themed online chat game
  • 1999 – Earliest record of I can find of me on the internet, signing a guestbook
  • 2000 – I become internet famous for making a website about me and my made up Digimon Here’s a long fanfic someone wrote about my character
  • 2003 – I make a website dedicated to George Michael’s facial hair through the years
  • 2005 – I become internet famous in the Philippines for creating the only website dedicated to Seona Dancing, Ricky Gervais’s failed 80s pop duo
  • 2007 – I graduate from high school and go to college for a culinary arts degree. I spend the next eight years working in the restaurant industry
  • 2014 – I decide to make a website about accordions
  • 2015 – Nearly a decade into my chef career, I realize it’s not the right career for me and I need a change. After a trip to the wilderness and some lengthy soul searching, I begin a career transition into web development. I start this blog
  • 2016 – I get my first job in tech, as a web developer for Lettuce Entertain You. I design and develop restaurant sites like Shaw’s, Cafe Ba–Ba–Reeba, Stripburger, Krispy Kreme, Tokio Pub, and more.
  • 2017 – Solo backpacking trip around Europe
  • 2018 – I get a job as a backend PHP developer at
  • 2018 – I get a job as a front end software engineer at DAIS, working with JavaScript/React

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