What I’m doing now

  • Working as a full-time web developer in Chicago
  • Writing articles for taniarascia.com and SitePoint
  • Running at least one mile a week in December
  • Teaching myself plain JavaScript and compiling my documentation here.
  • Compiling a vague outline of my thoughts and advice on motivation, discipline, happiness, mistakes, love, and self-sufficiency

Updated 12/1/2016Why now?


I strongly believe in “be the change you wish to see”, which is why you’ll find no ads, sponsored posts, or clickbait on my site.

I started this blog after I spent several hours in frustration trying to figure out how to use Git. I documented the entire process as I learned, leaving out all the fluff and keeping only the essentials. I continue doing that for everything new I learn, and here we are!

My setup

If you want to know what tools I use for web development, I’ve detailed all of them here.


1994 – My family buys our first computer, which was running Windows 3.1. My brother “accidentally” deletes Win.exe, and I’m forced to learn how to use the DOS command line to play Warcraft.

1998 – I discover the Internet via a dial-up connection and Netscape Navigator. Little did I know my fate was set when I made my first website on GeoCities.

2000 – I start a message board where everyone is an Admin, and get a few hundred people to join before it mysteriously disappears. Hmm…

2005 – I make SeonaDancing.com and become famous in the Philippines. Who is Seona? Why is she dancing? Does anybody care? No.

2007-2015 – I get a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and become a chef.

2015 – After some introspection, I decide I want to make websites for a living. I freelance a bit, do an internship, and start working in the field.


I’ve been featured in Codrops Collective #202 and Collective #237!

Since I don’t have ads, I pay for my own servers. My first donation was a dollar from my friend Josh to test the button. Thanks, Josh!



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