Hey, I'm Tania! I'm a software developer working in Chicago. Welcome to my spot on the web for projects I've created, tutorials I've written, musings, and anything else I want to show the world.

Check out the projects page to see a highlight of the open-source projects I've made, and articles to see everything I've written. I've also written external publications for DigitalOcean, Envato Tuts+, etc. and done a few speaking engagements and podcasts, which you can find below.

My site has no ads, no affiliate links, no tracking or analytics, no sponsored posts, and no paywall. My only motivation for this site is to share what I've learned with the world and document notes for myself, and hopefully connect with a few people.

You can contact me by email at hello at taniarascia.com to say hi! I always appreciate meeting new people.

What I'm doing now

Updated September 5th, 2022

Nothing too exciting going on in my life right now. I'm currently working for a start up as a staff software engineer. I recently moved to a new apartment so I'm trying to figure out how to furnish it properly since I actually have some space now.

I've been eating vegetarian for the last month or so; I didn't really put much thought into it but it's been nice so I'm going to keep going with it for a while.

I've been listening to some podcasts here and there, mostly comedy ones like WTF with Marc Maron or Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend. I've been reading Existential Physics.

Overall, this hasn't been the greatest year for me, a lot of bad stuff happened and I was sick a lot, but everything is starting to stabilize and I hope to get back into the swing of writing, coding, creating things, and being social.

Random facts

  • I built my first website in 1998 on Geocities, and made dozens more over the next few years.
  • Two of my favorite book series are The Expanse and A Song of Ice and Fire. Recently I read The Three Body Problem series and I'm adding it to the list of favorites!
  • I have a chromatic button accordion, a piano accordion, and a diatonic button accordion. I made a website where you can play the diatonic accordion with your keyboard.
  • In 2017, I hopped on a one-way flight to Scotland and traveled Europe for several months, visiting about fiften different countries along the way, as well as meeting not-so-distant family members in Slovakia and Bulgaria.
  • I have a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and worked as a chef for nearly a decade before becoming a developer.
  • A few of my favorite childhood games are Final Fantasy VI, Castlevania, Xenogears, and Lunar.
  • I like strategy games and competitive MOBAs, although I don't play them very often.
  • My best trivia category is 80's music.
  • I have an adorable little gray cat named Dimo.
  • I enjoy Carl Sagan, Nobuo Uematsu, Bob Ross, George Carlin, Bo Burnham, Kyle Mooney, and Edward Snowden.
  • I've been writing for this blog since 2015.






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