I’m Tania, a 27-year old web developer from Chicago.

What I’m doing now

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I strongly believe in “be the change you wish to see”.

When I write, I leave out all the fluff and keep only the essentials. My tutorials will always state the prerequisites and have a clearly defined goal, which you will be able to reach without extra searching.

My site is free – and free of ads, clickbait, pop-ups, social media, and bullshit.


Other articles I’ve written and places I’ve been featured.

An Introduction to jQuery


An Introduction to jQuery – How To Use jQuery, a JavaScript Library, a guide written for Digital Ocean.

A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript Variables and Data Types


A Beginner’s Guide to JavaScript Variables and Data Types – An introduction to JavaScript comments, variables, and datatypes, written for SitePoint.


I work on a MacBook Pro running the macOS operating system. I design my sites in the Adobe Brackets text editor, using my own Primitive framework, which utilizes Sass for design and Gulp to compile.

My site is hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech and runs WordPress on PHP 7. The code is made from scratch and open source on GitHub. I use Prism for code highlighting, and my own New Moon theme. CloudFlare is my CDN and I use SSL (https) through ComodoSSL. I view my statistics through Google Analytics.

At the moment, this site costs around $10/month for hosting/resources/bandwidth, with an additional $10/year for the domain and $10/year for SSL.


1994 – My family buys our first computer, which was running Windows 3.1. My brother “accidentally” deletes Win.exe, and I’m forced to learn how to use the DOS command line to play Warcraft.

1998 – I discover the Internet via a dial-up connection and Netscape Navigator. Little did I know my fate was set when I made my first website on GeoCities.

2000 – I start a message board where everyone is an Admin, and get a few hundred people to join before it mysteriously disappears. Hmm…

2005 – I make SeonaDancing.com and become famous in the Philippines. Who is Seona? Why is she dancing? Does anybody care? No.

2007-2015 – I get a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and become a chef.

2015 – After some introspection, I decide I want to design for a living. I freelance a bit, do an internship, and start working in the field.

2016-2017 – Working and blogging!



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