I recently discovered that I ended up on the Hacker Noon awards for Personal Developer Blog of the Year 2019, which is an amazing honor! I got third place. I thought that was pretty neat, so I figured I'd mention it. Thank you all for reading, subscribing, and sharing my content!

In 2017, I wrote a list of some bloggers I follow, though much of the list wasn't actually web development related. I have a few favorites blogs I keep an eye on right now, so I'll share them with you.

Everyone on this list has their own personal website/blog that isn't hosted on some third party like Medium, most of them have no ads, and I think they're all cool people in general.

Robin Wieruch

Chances are, if you're looking for something about Firebase or React/Redux, you've probably ended up on Robin's blog. With good reason - he has tons of great tutorials.

Khalil Stemmler

Khalil is filling an all-too-rare niche in web development blogs, which is how to build large scale applications properly, specifically with TypeScript and Node. He's bridging the gap between intermediate and advanced, which is a difficult area to cover. Check it out if you're looking for something beyond "Hello, World"!

Flavio Copes

No one is more prolific than Flavio. I honestly don't know how he has time to breathe, much less write all these tutorials. Not only does he write a blog post every single day, but he has endless handbooks, courses, and tutorials. Some of the posts are more like snippets, but you'll find nice, succinct helpful stuff on there.

Dan Abramov

If you're into JavaScript, and especially React, I'm sure you already know and love our React Overlord, Dan Abramov. Dan is known for his amazing contributions to JavaScript - Create React App and Redux - and his blog is known for long, insightful posts that cover unique areas of JavaScript and development in general. His Things I Don't Know and Things I Know have inspired many spinoff articles, including my Everything I Know as a Software Developer Without a Degree post.


Swyx has a lot of great posts and tutorials, and one of his most famous contributions to the web development zeitgeist is Learn in Public. I was inspired by that post, as it's what I've been doing all along since I started developing, and what I recommend to everyone who wants to become a developer themselves. In response, I made my own Learning in Public page.

Chris Ferdinandi

Chris is the vanilla JavaScript advocate. If you want to know how to do anything in vanilla JavaScript, you'll probably find it on his site. No frameworks - React, Vue, Angular, jQuery - just plain old JavaScript and the DOM. Particularly useful for those who only know jQuery.

James King

Probably the cleanest, fastest site running on WordPress I've ever seen. James writes about React every week, and I always appreciate anyone who is consistent with their blogging. (Something I'm not very good at...)

Ahmad Awais

I've recently discovered Ahmad, and he has an some extremely impressive credentials. If there's a list or committee in web development, he's probably on it or associated with it - Google Developer Expert, Node.js Committee Member, WordPress Core Developer, to name a few. He also made a popular code theme, Shades of Purple...but I'll never switch from New Moon!

Valentino Gagliardi

Another great site for tutorials. I've landed on Valentino's site plenty of times. His articles are very in-depth and informative, and he cares about responding to users and helping them out as well.

I'm sure I've forgotten a ton, but I wanted to get a little list out of the ones that came to my head.