About me

I'm Tania Rascia, a software engineer and writer.

This is my spot on the web for my projects, tutorials, musings, and anything else I want to write about or show the world. This site has no ads, sponsors, affiliates, or social media.

Open-source projects


A note-taking web app for developers.


An emulator in JavaScript.


An MVC PHP app.


A simple CSS framework built in Sass.

New Moon

The world's greatest web development code theme.


I've written one free e-book.

DOM e-book


A list of some of the articles I've written outside of this website.


Other pages on the site that don't fit anywhere else.


I like to sing, play accordion, and record music sometimes. Here are a few that I've recorded.

Some quotes

Tania writes extremely clear, concise tutorials. It's no exaggeration to say that I wouldn't currently have a job in development without this site. So thanks for ruining my life, Tania.

– Craig Lam
Software Developer @ KPV LAB