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2017 into 2018

2017 into 2018

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Last year, I wrote 2016 into 2017, a post summarizing what I felt I accomplished throughout the year and some of my goals for the year to come. I’m continuing that tradition this year,

I visited 13 countries

This was the big one. I realized a lifelong dream of mine to take an extended, solo travel adventure in foreign lands. I detailed the trip in this Backpacking Europe post. It’s hard to summarize in a sentence or two, but meeting three branches of my extended family and my European friends Craig, Timm, Rose, Esther, and João, as well as making a few new ones along the way.

I also went to New York, San Francisco, Nashville, and D.C., seeing more of my own country.

  • Scotland (Edinburgh)
  • Portugal (Braga, Porto, Lisbon)
  • Spain (Seville, Malaga, Nerja)
  • Germany (Berlin, Munich)
  • Czechia (Prague, Slavkov U Brna)
  • Austria (Vienna)
  • Hungary (Budapest)
  • Bulgaria (Sofia, Kazanlak)
  • Greece (Athens)
  • Slovakia (Bratislava, Klin)
  • Switzerland (Zurich, Lucerne)
  • England (London)
  • Ireland (Dublin)

I wrote 43 articles

This is huge! Last year I wrote 14 – this year, 43! I wrote for DigitalOcean and SitePoint as well as my own website. Writing tutorials is still my preferred method of learning, and I’m glad to be able to share it with you all.




I did 1 presentation

This year I did a speech on creating a WordPress theme from scratch for WordCamp 2017. This was my first presentation ever, and it was a great experience! I hope to do more talks as time goes on.

I made 853 commits

This doesn’t mean much, but the squares look cool, right? I’m missing a big chunk during my travel adventure.

I recorded 3 songs

Kind of. I only half-recorded three songs this year, as opposed to the 8 songs from last year, but I’d like to get back into it for 2018.

I started an email newsletter

I just set up an email newsletter this year (Tania’s List), and it just reached 1,000 subscribers! Thank you, everyone. 🙂

What I learned this year

  • ES6 concepts such as template literals, arrow functions, implicit returns
  • How to work with JSON
  • How to consume APIs with JS/PHP
  • Plain JavaScript DOM manipulation
  • Setting up environments with Vagrant and VirtualBox
  • Using PHP PDO object for the create/read half of CRUD
  • Getting started in Node.js
  • The basics of JavaScript testing with Mocha and assert
  • Getting started with Webpack

What I want to learn next year

  • How to create a secure authentication/login system
  • How to create a REST API
  • How to set up Docker
  • How update and delete entries in a database with PHP
  • Multiple methods of sending emails with PHP
  • How to build a blog engine from scratch with PHP (or Node.js)
  • Understand React, components, modules, props, state
  • Understand Flux, Redux
  • Understand JavaScript prototype-based inheritance/classes, constructors
  • Understand MVC concepts
  • Learn CSS grid



  • Get a full-time job as a web developer (front end, full-stack, PHP or JS)
  • Build 2018 web development crash course (HTML & CSS, with basic Git, command line)
  • Begin creating video tutorials – start by doing video versions of all existing written tutorials
  • Maintain weight under 140lbs
  • Begin drawing or some sort of art again

And more

If anyone has suggestions for articles, tutorials, course ideas, learning resources, or anything at all, please let me know!


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  • JimBob says:

    Great, great tutorials, well written, understandable even for a noob – beeing a teacher is in your blood. Thank you so much. Glad that I have found you.


  • Carlos R says:

    You are an inspiration. May you continue on your journey with endless success! I hope to meet you in person some day.

  • Algobasket says:

    Keep up with your dream tania !!

  • Nina says:

    Your tutorials are the BEST.

    Suggestion: add bitcoin, ethereum, or coin of your choice address(es) to your site for people to donate.

  • Dirk says:

    I was unaware up until now how often i must have visited your tutorials. After visiting your site i can just not believe how exactly our lives coincide work wise from the time frame up until about what we are interested in and wanting to learn. It's like reading the blog i could have written if i was just that organized and determent. So for starters cheers to you. And i wouldn't be fare to leave you with a short intro of myself after stating the above so… i am a dutch guy living for almost 20 years in the Caribbean mainly Curacao and some what on the edge but always just getting by on web development jobs and as a mate on sailboat crossings or taking care of peoples homes and boats. I am really happy i found your site!

  • Fred says:

    Wow you are an amazing lady. I wish I could say the same/man. I think you are an inspiration to many procrastinators like me. But honestly I should think of you as my hero – someone to look upto for inspiration. I wish you many many good luck in 2018 and wish that you visit 20 countries including a few in Asia. Please in a small way learn to relax and by all means avoid sugar and cut carbs to 30 % and drink plenty of water – and you may not have to worry about weight. Yes of course yoga – 3 days a week!! Sorry to be so open with you. You sounded like such an open and honest person. Best!!

  • Ria says:

    Wow! I am totally impressed.

    I’m a senior citizen and just for the joy of it (and maybe make a buck or two in my old age :)) I’ve been thinking about learning either Javascript (already know basics), Java or similar. I want to work remotely. But wondering if front end development would be easier for someone in my stage of life (60). Any thoughts?

  • Stewart McKie says:

    Tania-This is a terrific idea to catalog your year, I am really enjoying reading your tutorials and checking out your portfolio: Branded Fortune Cookies-simple but what a cool idea.

    Having just pivoted into movie making, I’m messing about with creating an app to help with the production challenges of making short films. I learned enough PHP to become dangerous creating a screenplay analytics app (viziscript.com) that imports a screenplay and generates a bunch of lists and graphs from the content. Then found it had audience of 1!

    Anyway per ardua ad astra as they say.

    As a PHP ‘dabbler’ I’m looking forward to your projected tutorials for 2018. Some (admittedly self-interested) suggestions for applying your undoubted tutorial wisdom to include: Using Webhooks in PHP, Creating Notifications (Email & SMS) in PHP, Leveraging HTML Admin templates to create apps with MYSQL & PHP, Cool Stuff in HTML5 (e.g. audio and video players).

    So. Your blog is bookmarked and I have a Tania directory on my desktop to contain selected post PDFs.

    Please continue to autodidact in 2018 and if you are ever back in the UK on one of your epic backpacking trips, try to pop down to Dorset for a visit. It may not be silicon valley but we have some nice scenery.

  • Luiz Arruda says:

    Beautiful version of Tears For Fears song, Mad World.

    Best wishes.


  • Magalie says:

    Happy new year Tania and thank you for your super-helpful tutorials!

    I’m a new subscriber to your list and finding your email in my inbox today was like a late Christmas present 🙂

    I do the “what I’ve learn last year/what I want to learn next year” review as well, and most of what I want to learn or improve in 2018 is either already on your website or in your own plans for 2018.
    I especially look forward to React stuff (I’d like to get on board early with WordPress’ Gutemberg).

    Finally, I notice that during your trip to Europe last year, you did not visit France. If you ever wish to visit Paris, send me an email!

  • Joaquin says:

    Happy new year Tania! Congrats for your articles.

  • Joaquin says:

    Happy new year Tania! Congrats for your articles.

  • New Fan says:

    “Get a full-time job as a web developer (front end, full-stack, PHP or JS)”

    Does this mean that writing tutorials for a living has failed? :O

  • Emily says:

    Happy New Year to you! I love learning from your tutorials and look forward to learning more in 2018. Congrats on all of your achievements this year.

  • Renee Watts says:

    Congrats. You have had an amazing year. I hope you continue your journey! I just came across your website for another reason and decided to read your post. Do you feel like exposing parts of yourself online has helped you?

    • Tania says:

      I’m an open person in general, so I don’t feel very exposed, but what I do think has helped the most is the tutorials themselves, because they give me such an opportunity to learn. Helping others is a nice bonus. I like doing this yearly review to kind of put everything in perspective and acknowledge that I did accomplish a lot, and not get stuck in that imposter syndrome feeling of not knowing everything.

  • Ted Martin says:

    Congratulations Tania! Best wishes for 2018!

  • Pedro Vagner says:

    Congratulations for this impressive achievements! I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next year. I’m following you. Good work.